Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems mechanic


Job Description:

  • Plans, lays out, installs, starts-up, connects, maintains, services, repairs, tests, verifies, commissions and de-commissions refrigeration and air conditioning systems, electronic components and their accessories
  • installs and connects piping for the purpose of conveying all types of refrigerants used for both primary and secondary heating and cooling
  • checks efficiency outputs and parameters; inspects and checks operation and integrity of components; determines set points; replaces defective, leaking, discolours and worn components; performs shut-downs and lock-outs; makes adjustments to pressures and controls; cleans and lubricates components; checks calibrations; reassembles and repairs components and systems; starts-up, tests and charges the systems
  • measures, cuts, bends, threads and connects pipe to functional components and utilities and services, tests, adjusts, commissions and decommissions the system

refrigeration and ac mechanic